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    We have turned a simple webcam into a mind reader

We provide you with insights in 3 simple steps

Online Experiment Setup

With your ads, we create an online experiment that can be easily accessed from anywhere.

Data Collection & Analysis

With the data we get from your audience we directly start the analyses.

Access Your Results

The results and insights are then presented in your very own Trace© report.

How do the results look like?

Who are the testers?

You are in control

Because our experiments can be simply accessed via a link, reaching testers becomes easy. Normally we provide the platform and you can select your testers yourself, for example by inviting existing customers of yours. If you prefer not to do that, we have an extensive pool of testers ourselves that we can help with.

Customized Integration – 4 level API


Content API

Select your own type of content and link it with your app.


Recording API

Incorporate our recording system into your own app.


Processing API

Use our processing on videos you already have or that are recorded through your own system.


Results API

Use our data accumulation methods to visualize your data.