What we measure

Completing the puzzle

Each bit of content is geared towards a goal for communication. But are you achieving it?

Let’s say you are making a funny video commercial and you just measure emotions. Your result shows that people didn’t laugh but you are now left in the dark because you wonder ‘why’.

  • Did they not get the joke?
  • Did they miss an important part in the video that was the punchline?

These questions can only be answered with eye tracking.

But the same hold the other way around by using just eye tracking. What if people saw everything you wanted them to see? You still wonder if it had the emotional effect you wanted.

That’s why we measure all of these together. No more guessing, no more uncertainty.

Have a look out our case studies to see what the results look like and what they can mean to you.

How we measure it

Eye Tracking

Our technology transforms the webcam into an eye tracker. Thanks to the increase in webcam resolution over the past 10 years, we can now compete with real eye trackers accuracy.

Emotion Tracking

Science discovered 7 basic emotions that are universal around the world and can be uniquely identified by facial expressions. Using computer vision and machine learning, we can quantify how your audience really feels on a millisecond basis.

Heart Rate Tracking

Measuring heart rate through the webcam is impossible? We beg to differ. Oxygenated blood and deoxygenated blood absorbs light differently. Our technology can detect these fluctuations, which reflects the heart rate.

Our system architecture