We provide you with insights in 3 simple steps

Upload media

With your content, we create an online experiment that can be easily accessed from anywhere.

Data Collection & Analysis

While testers view your content we collect and analyze the data.

Access Your Results

The results and insights are then summarized in your very own Trace© report.

Upload any media

Our system does not restrict the content that can be tested. Upload videos, photos, graphics, banners, a dummy page for a website. No problem.

Anyone can participate

Anyone with a computer, webcam, and internet connection can participate. Simply invite people to take part in your experiment by sending them the access link. They don’t have to install anything on their end. This also means we are compatible with any online panel provider.

Seamless Integration

Want to integrate our test into a survey? No problem! We don’t force you to change the systems you already use and love.

Simply redirect from within your survey to your online experiment. At the end of it, the experiment simply redirects back to your survey. That also means we can link back and forth at any point in time so you can ask related questions at the right moment.

For the respondents it feels like a continuous flow and they don’t even realize that they are switching systems.


You can directly access your results to get the answers you were looking for. We also prepare the results in a format so you can easily use them for presentations and communication.

See for yourself

All the information is presented in sync, so you know exactly what people are looking at with the Heatflow overlay of the original video.

At the same time, all emotions are shown in their timeline below and the heart rate next to the video.

The Valence timeline shows you an easy to follow summary across all emotions as a positive/negative engagement score.

This way you can easily follow what is happening when and quickly scroll to the point of interest and see what the other measures say.

Integration into your service – 4 level API


Content API

Select your own type of content and link it with your app.


Recording API

Incorporate our recording system into your own app.


Processing API

Use our processing on videos you already have or that are recorded through your own system.


Results API

Use our data accumulation methods to visualize your data.

Use for Academic Research – the perfect fit

Local data collection

Most experiments are run within a lab environment and programmed with special experiment software (i.e. Psychopy, Expyriment, Psychtoolbox, Presentation, etc.). Simply collect your webcam data locally on the experiment computer while your experiment is running. To make your life easy, we have created a toolbox that integrates into any software you use. After you collected the data, you upload it onto our platform and it is then processed. When processing finished, you can download the raw data as .csv file.

Online experiment integration

For online experiment integration, you can use our online API. When your online experiment is running, we collect the webcam data onto our system and start processing it right away. After all is finished you can access the raw data as .csv file.