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Each bit of content is intended towards a goal for
communication. With our service you can optimize your
content to be certain that it works.

Content experience optimization

How It Works

Our technology turns a simple webcam into a mind reader. Advances in machine learning and computer vision, allow us to track eye movements, facial expressions and heart rate through a webcam. Our reports provide you with insights into what people really think about your content.

Test anything

Our system is designed to handle any type of content. From banners to landing pages to videos and movie trailers. The process is simple:

  1. upload your media
  2. invite testers
  3. access your results


No Limit

Our system is cloud-based, which means we are able to test anyone, anywhere, anytime. The testers just have to share their webcam and view your content, we take care of the rest. The testers themselves can be as targeted as you’d like. We also work out-of-the-box with online panel providers.

It’s a simple three step process, have a look.