‘Landing Page 22/02/2017’

The Bild Zeitung is one of the largest tabloid newspaper in Germany and is published by the Axel Springer AG. Without a doubt, there is heated debate about the content and headlines that are used by the Bild Zeitung. We can all agree that 2016 was an eventful year with Brexit and the election of Donald Trump as the president of the USA. These were some topics covered on the homepage of on February 22nd, 2017.

We wanted to know how viewers react to the content and the headlines. What are they focusing on while seeing Here you can see for yourself the landing page of that day.

Our Approach

We showed German viewers the landing page of These viewers were a simple cross sample and not selected by being just Bild readers. We showed them the page for 10 seconds, as that is the general time to get an idea of the implicit reaction to static content. The results were truly interesting. Let’s start with the emotion analysis.

Emotion Analysis

Contrary to our expectations, the dominant emotion that was displayed was happiness. We expected to see a mix of happiness, anger, and contempt but the data shows otherwise. Let’s look closer: The first peak of happiness occurs at 3 seconds and the other one at 5 seconds, but what did people look at? Let’s see in the eye tracking analysis.

Eye Tracking Analysis

In the video below you can see an overlay of what viewers actually looked at during the 10 seconds.The scale goes from blue (little attention) to red (a lot of attention). . So let’s look at second 3 and 5 of the video, the snapshots are shown below. From this it becomes clear that both peaks were caused by the same headline ‘Schwarzenegger offers Trump a job exchange’.

But the eye tracking results reveal even more. From the beginning viewers look at the pictures and the linked headlines perceiving them instantly. Not only the headlines are noticed but the logo of the Bild is also seen for 6.2 seconds, translating to 62% of total viewing time. That is great for the Bild, but how about the advertiser on the right side. Did it pay off to display the banner ad on The answer is yes. Viewers looked closely at the slogan of the banner for 3.2 seconds and they also saw the logo of the company that was advertising for 1.9 seconds. These are great results for Bild and the advertiser regarding brand recall and message perception.

Tracking Excitement

The excitement tracking provides additional evidence in combination with the eye tracking that it truly was the headline of the offered job exchange with Schwarzenegger and Trump.


From these results the conclusion follows naturally: had a great landing page on February 22nd, 2017. It delivered with respect to entertainment directly coupling it to the Bild brand. The advertiser on the right managed to benefit from that and has received an outstanding amount of attention for just a side banner advertisement.

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