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The Valence folder contains the valence graphs over time, one for each stimulus. These are provided in high resolution so that you can use them in your presentations. These are also the same as the ones you see in the Eye Tracking Video Quadrants and the Summary.

The Valence folder also contains the Heat by valence folder.

Heat by Valence -> Valence Map

The Valence Maps is an integration of valence data and eye tracking data. We segment in one go where on the stimulus the valence was positive (green) and where it was negative (red). For each, we also show the 5 strongest points. The border is also the relative 5% limit of the positive and negative Valence. This makes it very easy to distinguish the areas and see what was good and bad on the page.

The top example only shows positive Valence as only positive scores were present. The following example shows positive and negative.

Here you can directly see that the product created a negative Valence and the Call to Action (CTA) created a positive Valence.