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Eye Tracking


Here comes regular text to explain the main overview.

Area of Interest (AOI)


Graphics explanation and the values explanation.





Graphics explanation and where else the same graphic is present [summary overview].




Heatmap Snapshots


Is made the same way as the standard heatmap but now different time ranges are chosen to be able to determine a simple pattern. One heatmap is made for each second the image is seen. Here are all snapshots combined into a simple animation.





If you don’t want to see the heatmap per second but in real-time, the heatflow video is for you. Video explanation and where else the same video is present [quadrants]. Created the same way as the standard heatmap but now for every time point of data collection to be able to create a smooth video.




Video is the heatflow video, emotion, valence, hr are the same as the graphs in the summary and their respective folders. Now it is all animated.


Heatflow video shows the general pattern across testers but it’s impossible to see individual testers. That’s what the Swarm analysis is for. Each color is one tester with its connected last 5 data points to be able to see the pattern of movement. Because we also run out of color quickly, the colors to repeat themselves but it’s easy to distinguish between participants with the same color because the points are not connected. The data you see visualized in the Swarm analysis is exactly the same as the heatflow. You can easily see what each one is good for. Heatflow = overall pattern; Swarm = fine grained viewing behavior