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Results Guide

The results package contains every potential way you could ever want to look at your results. We currently provide the results package files until we have finished our online platform. Then you can do everything on the platform and are file free.

Until then, here is the walk-through of the folder structure and what you can find where and also explaining the visualization of the data itself.


The main folder structure contains 6 folders:


The original stimuli folder simply contains the images or videos that you used for your test. We add them to the results package to have everything in one place and you don’t have to search for things.


Data Interpretation

Step 1 – Summary

When you start looking at the results it’s always best to start with the summary. In the summary, you get a nice overview that combines all the data sources. You see emotion, eye tracking, and heart rate data all in one place.

To get a better overview, you can find details in the summary documentation.


Step 2 – Total or Over time

We collect data over time, for example, we want to know how people look and react to a landing page looking at it for ~10 seconds. There are two ways this data can be looked at:

    1. You get a Total over time calculation, for example, average of emotions of all people over the 10 seconds.
    2. You get an Over time graph, for example, average of all people for every second.

Both of these are present in the summary overview. As you most likely already guessed, each of these answers different questions. It strongly depends what you are interested in to find out.


Examples of interpretation come here