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The experiment object


uuid (string)
Unique identifier for experiment.

project (undefined)

date_created (string)
Date the experiment was first created.

participants_completed (integer)
Number of participants that have completed the experiment. This number includes only fully analyzed participants.

stimulus_count (integer)
Total number of stimuli in this experiment. Note: Based on the protocol options (e.g. randomization) the actual number of stimuli a participant sees might be lower.

state (string)
The state field can have the following values:
* `draft` – The experiment is not active and the total participant count is lower than the required number of participants.
* `running` – The experiment is active.
* `completed` – The experimet is not active and the total participant count is equal to or higher than the required number of participants.

title (string)
Title of the experiment.

description (string)
Description of the experiment.

mode (string)
Determines which features of the MindTrace platform will be used:
– `designer` – The experiment uses the MindTrace designer – the default and most common value.
– `collection` – The experiment only uses the MindTrace data collection scripts, for customers that only want to use MindTrace for recording.
– `upload` – Data videos are directly uploaded to MindTrace, for customers wanting to record their own data.

active (boolean)
Allow the creation of new sessions within this experiment. Note that to be able to participate, the total number of completed sessions must be lower than the maximum number of participants allowed. Active will be set to false in case the number if equal or higher.

participation_password (string)
Password required to create new sessions.

participants_required (integer)
Minimum number of participants required. Must be set a number equal to or higher than the current total number of participant. For new experiments, the minimum value is 0.

notifications (boolean)
Change the state of notifications for this experiment (on/off)

participant_recruitment (object)
Specifies how participants are to be recruited. At the moment only a provider may be selected. When Mind-Trace supplies the participants only those that speak the language set in the experiment will be recruited.
A recruitment strategy other than self can only be set for experiment using the MindTrace experiment designer.

language (string)
ISO 639-1 code specifying the language of the experiment.

processing_steps (array)
List of processing steps to be run for this experiment.