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Podcast #5: The SCIENCE of decision making

Our guest today is Dr. Alan Sanfey. Alan is a Principal Investigator at the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behavior. Previously he has held positions as Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Arizona, and as a postdoctoral research fellow at Princeton University.  He currently heads the Decision Neuroscience group at the Donders […]

Podcast #4: The UX problems within Academia

Our guest today is Dr. Ian Cameron. Ian works at the exciting interface between academia, entrepreneurship, industry and society. He is driven towards the societal applications from neuroscience and psychological research, and brings management and entrepreneurial practices to academia. He holds an MBA, where he wrote his management thesis about the alignment of culture, structure […]

Podcast #3: The UX of cocktails and bars

Our guest today is Ivar de Lange. Ivar is an award winning bartender and entrepreneur with a background in Medical Psychology. In our conversation we talk about the cocktail and bar experience. How the industry is setup and where it could go. We also touch upon the impact Ivar’s medical psychology background had on his […]

Podcast #2: The UX of sound design and branding

Our guest in this episode is Erwin de Boer. Erwin is currently working as a marketing expert and has ample experience as a Sound brand designer. He also expanded his hands-on experience to video and photography. He created sounds for many clients among which are Eindhoven Airport, Wave Kitchen Products, to 3d Audio for Virtual […]

Podcast #1: The UX of teaching entrepreneurship

Our guest in this episode is Dr. Raphael Smals. Raphael has had ample industry experience also as an entrepreneur himself. His career developed towards academia and by now teaching is a major part of his work. We are talking a bit about Raphaels background and then move into the issues and opportunities with teaching entrepreneurship. […]

Setup the MindTrace toolbox

If you haven’t already done so, you can download the toolbox with the button above. It’s also important to install all necessary software for it first. You can do that by checking this post (how to install the toolbox). If you did all of that already then great job on installing everything that is necessary for the toolbox to work. […]